Seeking Security and Independence in Today's Harsh Environment

bullet imagebullet imageWorking loyally and diligently for an employer is no longer the road to security that it once was. Today's employers are more likely to view their workers as interchangeable and virtually disposable cogs, letting go at a moment's notice as many as are needed to match a lessening of demand. If contemporary workers no longer enjoy security in their relationships with employers, then, it has become clear that each worker must take responsibility for their own fortunes and finances.

This spreading conviction has created a relatively new industry of those who would offer up advice aimed at helping others to realize these goals. Among those rare people who have forged their own paths in life and found security, an increasingly common option is to share their findings with the public at large. In fact, many people credit this fairly young industry with being one of the top contributors to greater personal self-sufficiency and independence in society today.

At the Dean Graziosi official website, for example, one man with an especially compelling story to tell offers up advice that many have found useful. Raised by a single mother who often felt lucky to pull in as little as $100 per week, Graziosi had an upbringing that no one would characterize as easy. At the same time, his mother helped him to develop and hone the kind of positive, resourceful, winning attitude necessary to do well under such conditions, and he later put those skills to good use as an investor.

When writing about Dean Graziosi Huffington Post pundits often play up this rags-to-riches story, but the truth is that there is a lot more in the way of substance there. Far from simply offering his fans empty inspiration, Graziosi actually works personally with them on individual deals. By learning directly in this way from someone who has mastered the world of real estate investing, these ambitious people develop important skills of their own.

While the world can seem harsh and uncaring, then, the reality is that there is plenty of support and help to be found for those who take care to look for it. Becoming independent and responsible for one's own destiny, it turns out, does not have to mean striving alone.